kim turnbull

Kim Turnbull is a London based model and DJ, working with the likes of Ministry of Sound. Her father, Alex Turnbull (an ex-skater connected to the Stussy gang, drummer and percussionist for the infamous sound experimentalists 23 Skidoo and founder of one of the UK’s first hip-hop labels, Ronin Records) is one of London’s most recognized and well-respected DJs. Kim has always been immersed within music since she was born and set out to learn the craft of DJing in its truest form. Off the decks Kim has worked with the likes of Marc Jacobs (Decadence fragrance), LOVE magazine, Illustrated People, Puma and i-D magazine, to name a few. Her streetwise sense of personal style has already attracted over 15,000 followers on Instagram, quickly making her part of the next fashion generation.